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our winery

Our company has a Winery with a long history in the field of wine.

The beginning was made in 1927, when the rural world of the prefecture envisioned to create a Cooperative, the one that will conquer with its wines, every corner of the globe.

2008 is a “milestone” year for the Company as we inaugurated the largest Winery in the Country.

Our model Winery, housed in Paliani is a state-of-the-art and innovative project that gave the opportunity today; the Union of Heraklion is proud of its high quality wines, which took place in 2021 and is the result of hard and methodical work by Specialized Professional Oenologists. famous in the field of wine.

An excellent collection of Single Variety and Multi-Variety Wines, which have already won the hearts of wine lovers, makes us proud and confirms that despite the difficulties and obstacles we managed to continue the work that our Cooperative family started 100 years ago.

Now, every producer feels safe and supports the Union, looking to the future with optimism.

The cooperative is committed that the support of Cretan producers and Cretan products will remain its primary goal and purpose, offering your tables high quality wines from 100% Cretan grapes and mainly from indigenous varieties of Crete.

The Union of Heraklion will continue to be the largest agricultural family of Crete that writes History, highlighting the products offered by the blessed lands of this place …


SINCE 1927—

The whole soul of Crete in one bottle




In the basement of the building there are wine aging cellars in oak barrels. The producers have a special area with grape hoppers, electronic weighing and explosives that end up in the factory with the brutal stainless steel tanks.

The main rooms of the building are used for tasting events, presentations of the new wines of the Union of Heraklion and training seminars. The place is visitable.

Our winery has one of the largest wineries in the Balkans with huge tank capacity and huge bottling capacity.

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