The Union of Heraklion responded to the modern needs of the market by creating facilities that ensure economies of scale and have operating specifications surrounded by quality systems and standard chemical laboratories.


In September 2007, the investment of wine was completed, which consists of a state-of-the-art winery in the Municipality of Paliani, Heraklion, where there is the possibility of vinification and processing of varietal grapes. Their processing and vinification is controlled through electronic systems.

In an area of ​​50 acres we “married” the modern way of winemaking, the traditional experience of Crete in wine and the beauty that Art diffuses in the area. While the Winery was still a construction site, it hosted artists from all over Europe, who sculpted aspects and views on our modern wine culture. With this move we created a space where modern architecture and artistic style coexist and serve a tradition of centuries, which is a ritual of wine in Crete.

In addition to the administrative building, there is a state-of-the-art Chemistry and tasting and lecture rooms. In the basement of the building there are wine aging cellars in oak barrels. The producers have a special area with grape hoppers, electronic weighing and explosives that end up in the factory with the brutal stainless steel tanks.

The main halls of the building are used for tasting events, presentations of the new wines of the Union of Heraklion and training seminars. The place is visitable.


From 1989 it started operating in the industrial area. Heraklion vinegar bottling production unit on a plot of total area 14,300 sq.m. and in buildings covering 1,205 sq.m.

The acidifier has a nominal production capacity of 5,000 liters / 24 hours and the bottling line 15,000 bottles per 8 hours, while there are stainless steel tanks with a capacity of 650 tons. Vinegar production is fully automated. Throughout the production process, the specialized personnel monitors the smooth operation of the machines through recorders and temperature curves that have been placed at critical points of the production process. In this way the correct operation of the machines is achieved and therefore the production of the product without problems.

The vinegar factory of the Organization is subject to control by the General State Chemist and the Directorate of Rural Development of Heraklion for the quality of the imported raw materials. The vinegar produced in our facilities is from table wines of excellent quality and the characteristics of the wine are transferred to the vinegar as they are, with the only difference that the alcohol of the wine is converted into acetic acid and bottled.

Τυποποιητηριο Ελαιολαδου

The company has created a state-of-the-art olive oil receipt and standardization center in the industrial area. Heraklion in which quality assurance and food safety systems have been developed in recent years.

The company standardization and bottling unit is one of the largest in the Balkans with a bottling capacity of 15,000 tons per year in one shift. The total storage capacity is 2,800 tons. Olive oil is distributed through a network of pipelines that allows autonomous management in terms of filling, emptying and cleaning of pipelines. Before bottling, the olive oil goes through two independent double filtration devices that ensure a clean product that retains all its original nutritional wealth and continues the bottling process with four independent production lines for glass bottles, PET plastic bottles, metal cans and miniatures.


The company has agricultural shops from which producers can procure pesticides, agricultural machinery, irrigation equipment, fertilizers for all crops, protective equipment and other agricultural supplies as well as animal feed..

Stores :

  • 62 Martiron 146 Avenue, Heraklion, Crete
  • Arkalochori Monofatsiou
  • Kasteli Pediados


With its inclusion in the Development Law our company created in 2004 one of the most modern grape packaging plants in the industry. Heraklion where the highest quality table grapes from all over the Prefecture of Heraklion are collected and packaged.The Grape Packaging Unit operates quality systems and also the raw material is controlled by the managers of the company and is certified by Institutions, as a result of which we have a fully tested and certified product which is exported.

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