Farmers Service Center


The “Farmers’ Service Center” of the Heraklion Union is one of the key members of the network of over 90 FCS of «GAIA ΕΠΙΧΕΙΡΕΙΝ» which have been established throughout Greece since 2014, with the object of serving the producers. Our proven experience for over 3 decades in agricultural aid, programs and parallel actions but also the personal and long-term relationship of trust between cooperatives and producers, led to its creation of  FCS of  Heraklion for the development of a wider range of activities and services in the agricultural sector.

Our headquarters is located on the main road of the city of Heraklion while there are three fixed branches in the interior of the prefecture and specifically in Arkalochori Monofatsiou, in Kasteli Pediados and Pirgo Monofatsiou which operate throughout the year. Our facilities meet all the necessary specifications and our service holds a certificate for the quality of services provided and the security of information according to ISO9001 and ISO27001.

The specialties employed include Economists, Agronomists, Environmentalists, Surveyors, IT Technicians, etc.

The services provided include:

  • the Submission of the Single Aid Application
  • the Transfers of Single Payment Rights
  • Applications for Inclusion in Rural Development Programs 2014–2020 (eg Organic Agriculture & Livestock)
  • the VAT Refund
  • the Keeping of Income-Expense Books and the submission of a tax return of the producer.

Contact info:

  • Central: 62 Martiron 146 Aveneu, Heraklion, ps.: 71304

Phone.: 2810378136, 2810378142, 2810378144, 2810378174


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