agricultural union of Heraklion


Purpose of A.U. of Heraklion is to serve the professional and financial interests of cooperative farmers, through the coordination and strengthening of the work of agricultural cooperatives, so that its member farmers continue to produce products of high nutritional value.


The center of our effort is the healthy diet and more specifically the Cretan diet model, famous for the health and longevity it offers. All this having as our main concern the respect for the quality, the tradition of the Cretan land, the authenticity of the people and the processes and the respect for the environment.


Our vision is to become leaders in the promotion of the Cretan diet while maintaining the excellent quality of our products, which we put on your table every day with so much love.

The company was founded in 1927 and its life according to the statute of the organization is unlimited. It is one of the largest cooperative organizations in Greece. The company ‘s headquarters are located in Heraklion, Crete, at 62 Martiron 146 Avenue.

It covers all production sectors related to the collection, processing, standardization and distribution of local agricultural products – wine, olive oil, table grapes, vinegar in Greece and abroad.

In addition, it develops activities for the marketing of agricultural supplies, administrative support of agricultural cooperatives and their members, provision of consulting services to farmers, agency of insurance services and operation of the Super Market in the prefecture of Heraklion.

The quality of our products are  monitored and controlled by organized quality control laboratories operating on its premises and staffed by specially trained staff. The Chemistry of the Organization is accredited with the standard EN ISO 17025 of ESYD.

The ideal climatic conditions of the island, the soil rich in trace elements, in combination with the taste of its producers give products of excellent quality with a unique taste that distinguishes them. The reward for her effort is the many distinctions she has in her assets worldwide. (Thessaloniki International Wine Competition 2011 and 2010, 5th China International Olive Oil Competition 2010, Century International Quality Era Award 2009, International Olive Oil Award 2008, International Star for Leadership in Quality 2008, Superior Taste Award 2008 και 2010, DLG 2008 και 2010, Oro Giallo 2006, MARIO SOLINAS 2004)

Board of directors


Gavalas Stavros


Chiletzakis Miron


Labrakis Georgios


Vrentzos Anastasis

Gonianakis Georgios

Kambitakis Michail

Borboudakis Georgios

Pirgianakis Ioannis

Stratakis Andreas

Tamiolakis Nikolaos

employee representative

Markakis Nikolaos

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